Owl Resilient

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

Despite being flushed by a hunting dog that invaded its supposedly protected area, the Burrowing Owl first spotted two weeks ago in the Nature Area on the north side of the park was back again this morning, and I had the good fortune to be there and see it. As I discovered to my surprise last winter season (in my film The Owls Came Back), rain does not drive Burrowing Owls into shelter. They stand out in it and seem to like it. This owl’s outer feathers are slicked down after the overnight rainstorms.

I happened to be there during a short pause between downpours. As I was filming, the rain began again and I headed home to protect the camera. It was most encouraging to see this owl back out there in the brush, well hidden among yard-high weeds, resilient in the face of multiple dangers.

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