Owl in Action

Wildlife photographer Rick Lewis had the patience and the luck to catch the Second Owl doing something more active than sitting and turning its head. One of the numerous Ground Squirrels that live year-round in the seasonal Burrowing Owl Sanctuary area strayed into what the owl considered its boundary. Terminally annoyed, the owl decided to teach the squirrel who’s boss. The bird postured low, opened its eyes wide, and spread its wings to make itself look big and terrifying. The squirrel had probably seen this act from other owls in years past and was not impressed. It didn’t even look up. Eventually the owl gave up and left its perching site and took a short walk on the paved circular driveway to cool off. Then it returned to its spot and took care of business: preening, regurgitating a pellet, and finally, a big yawn.

All images Copyright © 2021 Rick Lewis.

Thanks to Rick for sharing these wonderful and revealing owl images, all from November 20.

Meanwhile, today, the First Owl has moved a bit. It has climbed out from under the canopy of dried vegetation where it sheltered and found a perch in the middle of that shrubbery. In that spot it’s almost impossible to see, and when I looked for it in the morning, I completely missed it. Here it is in the afternoon:

First Owl (Burrowing Owl, Athene cunicularia) Nov. 22 2021 4:11 pm

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