Owl Hiding

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Photo Steve Lefkovits

I scanned the area in vain yesterday looking for the owl. It was a busy Saturday, and in the absence of clear signage, all sorts of creatures with two legs and four were trespassing in the Nature Area, where the owl has chosen to perch. Shortly after I gave up and moved on, photographer Steve Lefkovits put his lens to work and, after considerable effort, spotted the owl quite a few yards away from its Friday location, tucked away in some dense grasses and twigs. Steve captured this beautifully sharp and clear image of the bird looking at him.

Gap in the boundary fence invites trespassing into the Nature Area

The welcome boundary fence that Parks put up last spring between the dog park and the Nature Area unfortunately has a gap in it very near the owl’s location, and park visitors more or less innocently have carved a path across the Nature Area from that gap to the paved pathway. Similarly the old dirt road that used to cut across the Nature Area has no barrier nor signage advising visitors that this area is closed to people and dogs. With very little effort, Parks could do a great deal more to protect the owl and perhaps to encourage other birds to choose this spot for their winter holiday.

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2 thoughts on “Owl Hiding

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  • You are so right! what can we do to get better enforcement and signage…to make it safer for the owls?

    thanks Marty!

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