Owl Hanging In

The Burrowing Owl that has been spotted in the nature area on the north side of the park since early December is still with us. I have not been able to see it every morning, but it has probably just been laying low and out of sight. This morning when I first looked for it, I could not see it, and gave up and turned away and had a chat with one of the Parks crew members in his truck. That done, when I looked again for the owl, there it was. It stayed in view for a good half hour or so, and then something behind it (to the south) spooked it and it ducked down into the burrow where it has been staying. A number of other park visitors had the chance to see it through my camera screen. Seeing it with the naked eye was another matter! When you’ve never seen one before, it can be next to impossible to make one out. This one, in this terrain, can be hard to spot even for experienced owl-peepers.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

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