Owl Gone, Fence Begun

The Burrowing Owl on the north side of the park has been out of sight for three days in a row now. This owl has not been invisible for such a stretch of time since it arrived. It’s a near certainty, given the date, that it has left on its migration back north. It was last seen March 17.

A crew from Tri-City Fence Co. of Vallejo this morning started construction of a boundary fence between the dog park and the nature area where the owl had been residing. A Parks Department staffer had mowed and outlined the boundary. A Tri-City worker staked the site with a red string and marked post holes with white spray paint. The mobile auger took about 30 seconds to drill a fence post hole two feet deep. That done, the task was to set the steel posts, six feet tall, into the ground with a sleeve of concrete. When the concrete sets, the workers will install the top rails and the mesh, a task for next week.

Six foot steel posts on truck await setting in concrete

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One thought on “Owl Gone, Fence Begun

  • I miss the owl. 🙁

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