Owl Diary: Saturday 1/12

Whatever kept the east owl in hiding yesterday morning, the bird has got over it. At 8 this morning, the owl stood topside in its usual spot next to the fennel beneath the slab with the white spot. The low winter sun highlighted the bird and its shadow, defeating its normal powers of blending invisibly into its surroundings. The bird seemed alert and well.

The low morning sun highlights the east owl at 8 a.m.
The east owl in long zoom

The north owl, a few minutes later, proved a reliable bird. Burrowing Owls are noted for “site fidelity,” meaning they like to come back to the same exact spot. The north owl exemplifies that quality. It stood in the shade, in a position that varied by hardly an inch from yesterday.

The north owl at 8:30 a.m. seen from the paved path

Photographer Phil Rowntree pointed out to me that the north owl could also be seen from the triangular promontory that sticks out into the bay some yards to the west. From that vantage point, the bird was much harder to spot, because it was farther away and had rocks rather than water for a background. Here’s a still shot, and then a video zoom, from that viewpoint.

North owl seen from promontory

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