Owl Diary: Friday 1/11

Something is odd with the east owl. At 7:30, minutes after sunrise, it stood in its hiding place in the rip-rap. That didn’t surprise me; it was early yet. After checking out the north owl, see below, I returned to the fenced area and waited for the east owl to come out and take its spot in front of the concrete slab with the white dot. By 9 a.m., with the sun breaking through the clouds, the owl still had not emerged. I checked it again from the Open Circle vista point, and found the bird tucked almost out of sight behind its rock. Did something happen yesterday to frighten the owl and send it back to the safety of its hiding place in the rocks? Or did it just decide to chill out today?

The north owl, by contrast, stood in its usual spot at 7:45, fluffed up and alert. It has developed a fan club. Several park visitors stopped by while I was standing outside the fenced area waiting for the east owl and asked whether the north owl was out; they headed straight there to see it again.

The North Owl at 7:45 a.m.

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