Owl Day After

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Dec. 28 2022

Apologies to subscribers: The item “Oddpipers” was scheduled to publish today, Wednesday 12/28, but due to a slip of my finger it published yesterday, together with a separate post about the Burrowing Owl in the atmospheric river. Today I’ll just post this very brief item about the Burrowing Owl seen the day after the impressive rainstorm. The bird was back in Perch A this morning, out of view of park visitors on the paved perimeter trail. I photographed it with a 6,000 mm lens from the Open Circle Viewpoint, 110 yards away from the owl. At the time of my visit, the owl looked awake and alert, and did nothing special.

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One thought on “Owl Day After

  • Owl was back at Perch B and visible from the path when I was there around 11 this Wednesday) morning.

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