Owl Call: Tuesday March 17

As if in compliance with the county health officer’s “Shelter in Place” order, the Burrowing Owl on the north side of the park went down deep in its roost, deeper than the day before. Or maybe it was celebrating St. Patrick’s day by going green. It was down so low that with the naked eye I couldn’t see it at all, even from the dirt road, and was composing a farewell post in my mind. Then in a last sweep of the zoom lens, I saw the little light brown dome tucked away amid the leaves of grass. This was not long after sunrise, so maybe the bird was just waking up, and will rise up higher as the day warms up. The zoom take in the video above may help you spot it. Please don’t leave the path to try to find it. Social distancing with a Burrowing Owl is closer to sixty feet than six.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

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One thought on “Owl Call: Tuesday March 17

  • At 2:30pm he was quite visible from the path!
    I was thrilled—probably my last sighting for the season.

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