Owl Call: Thursday March 19

NOT a Burrowing Owl

For the second day in a row, I was unable to see the Burrowing Owl on the north side of the park. Again I searched hard from different angles with no luck. Again the only warm-blooded life form in the area where the owl had made its home for the winter season was an Otosphermophilus beecheyi (above). Chances are that the bird has left on its northward migration to its mating and breeding grounds, wherever that may be.

Again, if you see the owl today, please leave a note in the Comment section below.

A Parks source advised that the long-promised partition fence between the dog park and the nature area would go up tomorrow. If the owl isn’t gone yet, the construction noise and botheration of the fence installation may very well send it on its way. It’s ironic that the fence would go up only after the owl is gone, but if the fence is still up next fall when (if) the owl(s) come(s) back, it will be very helpful in reducing stress on the bird(s).

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