Owl But Not Here

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline

I don’t usually publish items from other parks, but for the Burrowing Owl I’m making an exception. I saw this bird this morning in the Pt Isabel dog park, part of the Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline in Richmond. A reader of this blog alerted me to its presence. At the dog park, one owner pointed me in the general direction where an owl might be found if one were there. At that spot, two people were looking at the bird and pointed it out to me. As they noted, the bird was beautifully camouflaged and blended in so perfectly that if you weren’t looking hard you would miss it completely. Look at the photo below and see if you don’t agree. One of the watchers said this was the same bird, or at least a bird in the same spot, as last year and some years previously. The owl perched on big rocks protected from the land by an old green plastic construction fence and scruffy vegetation. Dogs would have a hard time approaching from water over rocks covered with slippery seaweed. In this relatively safe spot, the owl seemed calm. It stood on one leg, a sign of feeling safe. It ignored its watchers and swiveled its head at a relaxed pace. Park visitors said they had seen no others. They were not sure how long the owl had been there.

I have checked for Burrowing Owls daily in Cesar Chavez Park, so far without success.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline

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2 thoughts on “Owl But Not Here

  • I wonder if our owls return after clear cutting the site and no place to hide

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