Owl Back in A

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Dec. 13 2022

Since it’s Tuesday, my perch is next to the California Poppy bush. That seemed to be the Burrowing Owl’s motto. After four consecutive days in Perch B, near the big Fennel bush, where park visitors could see it from the paved path, the owl returned to the perch where it was first seen, “Perch A.” off out of sight on the eastern slope of the Burrowing Owl Sanctuary. The only way to see it is from the Open Circle Viewpoint, and you need a long lens to see it from there. Unaided, the human eye can make out something like a grain of brown rice 110 yards away.

At the time I visited, the owl had company, in the form of one of the local California Ground Squirrels. The rodent perched nearby and looked at the bird occasionally. The owl almost totally ignored the squirrel. When a small flock of Black Oystercatchers landed down below with a huge racket, both the squirrel and the owl looked annoyed. Calm restored, the owl yawned, which the squirrel took as a signal to leave. The owl spent a good deal of time preening, as shown in the video.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Dec. 13 2022

I also want to share these fine pictures of the owl yesterday (in Perch B) by photographer Anna Klafter:

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2 thoughts on “Owl Back in A

  • What a fantastic video! Thank you so much.

  • I loved all the preening, and balancing on one leg. Stellar footage! (Pun intended.) It’s a treat to see the owl so clearly.

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