Open Letter from Sierra Club about BMASP

The East Bay Public Lands Committee of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club addressed the following letter in opposition to the BMASP plans for Cesar Chavez Park to the Mayor and City Council members of Berkeley on May 24 2022.


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3 thoughts on “Open Letter from Sierra Club about BMASP

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  • I would like to contribute to saving Cesar Chavez Park in any way i can As Is is how we like it! maureen 510-292-5909

  • Hi Martin,

    Just to let you know, I, too, wrote a letter to the Berkeley mayor and City Council against this horrible idea a few weeks ago. However, I didn’t particularly want my letter published publicly here, so haven’t sent a copy. I just wanted you to know that myself and other Berkeley friends are very concerned and have taken action to voice our strong disapproval to the powers that be.

    Thank you for everything you do for the park and for your daily emails and photos of this beloved place here in Berkeley. I always appreciate them.

    Best, Michele

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