One Shrub, Two Birds

Song Sparrow
Yellow-rumped Warbler

This shrub in the “Nature Area” in the northern part of the park was host to two different birds within minutes as I watched.  The first gave itself away by its bright yellow tail patch and soft yellow flank:  a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Sadly it didn’t pose for me in a classic full broadside position so that we could see its eyes. It only showed its back and tail.

Moments later — so quickly that at first I thought it might be the same bird — another  individual appeared, also obviously feeding off something on the shrub, I couldn’t tell what.  This bird was slender, almost dainty, without a single yellow feather visible.  After consulting the online authorities I’m leaning to say that it’s a Lincoln’s Sparrow.  An advanced birder a few weeks ago had pointed out one of these birds not far from my spot today, and I had got some partial photos.  Today’s photo of this bird was way better.

Update 11/15/2020:  Expert review now identifies this bird as a Song Sparrow, not a Lincoln’s Sparrow.  The Lincoln’s Sparrow continues to elude me.  

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