One-eyed Raccoon in Park

P1050978 (Custom) P1050980 (Custom) P1050995 (Custom)I never saw a raccoon in Cesar Chavez Park before.  Until last night shortly before sunset, when I spotted this rather small and skinny specimen at the water’s edge on the east side.  I’ve seen bigger raccoons come in my cat door, some years back, in North Berkeley.  This one may be a youngster, or it may be having trouble filling its belly because one of its eyes has a problem (see close-up).  After it saw me watching it and taking its picture, it ambled ever so slowly southward, always on the edge of the water.  I followed it for a hundred yards or so, wondering if it had an abode in the rocks at the shoreline, but it just kept on going at the same unhurried pace until I got pressed for time.  What was it doing there?  Might have been fishing.  Might have been looking for ground squirrels, an easy meal for a raccoon if it can catch one.  I have no clue where it made its home.

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