Now Blooming: Dutch Iris!?

Almost exactly two years ago to the day, I discovered and wrote about a stand of garden-variety Dutch Iris growing on the north side of the park.  These are remarkable because, unlike practically every other plant in the park, Dutch Iris grow from bulbs and could not have been blown in by the wind or dropped by a bird. Some human did a random act of beauty by planting them.  Well, I could not find those north-side iris this year, but this afternoon I found an even bigger stand of the same flower high up on the west side ridge, plainly visible from the paved pathway, for those with eyes to see.  On closer look, these were already a few days past their prime, and some of the flowers showed heavy insect damage, but they also had some pending blossoms.  I thank the loving human who planted them. How different a park it would be if it were a garden of flowers instead of the wonderland of weeds that it is.  

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