Northern Harrier

Park visitor Suzanne York took this beautiful photo of a Northern Harrier in flight on Saturday, January 26. She writes:

I saw the Northern Harrier on the east side of Cesar Chavez Park, about 40 feet west of the main trail where there is sort of a dike or concrete divider, at about noon.  The bird apparently was hunting but he flew off before I saw it do anything.
I am an amateur photographer and just getting into birding this year.  I’m quite happy with the photo, but I definitely got lucky!  The Northern Harrier caught me off guard and I was very fortunate that I got any decent shot of it at all. 
I got a telephoto lens to go with my Nikon D7200 that I’ve mainly used on safaris in Uganda and Rwanda the past year or so (where my non-profit work brought me). I wanted to use it more at home in the Bay Area and discovered that I’m enjoying learning about birding and how to take decent photos.

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