North Basin Birds: More and Better


Friday at midday I was back in the Marina to bask in the mellow weather and try to take more and better pictures of the wintering birds in the North Basin.  (The North Basin is the body of water to the east of the park, between the park and the Berkeley mainland.)  I had good luck.  Walking east along the Virginia Street Extension and then north along the wild patch just south of the Tom Bates soccer fields, I managed a few improved photos of birds seen previously (Lesser Scaup M and F, Ruddy Duck, American Coot) , as well as a couple of new-to-me birds: the Least Sandpipers working a grassy path in a puddle left behind by the King Tide and the rains, and then a Common Goldeneye.  See below:

Least Sandpiper
Common Goldeneye F
Bufflehead M and F
Ruddy Duck F
Lesser Scaup F
Lesser Scaup M
American Coot

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