News: Public Art Area Reopened

Burrowing Owl (Feb, 5, 2014)
The plaque marking the circular seating sculpture

The seasonal Burrowing Owl preserve in the northeast corner of the park has been reopened to the public and the artwork there is now again accessible to humans.  

For the history of this area and its artwork, please see this page

During the winter season, approximately October through April, the northeast corner of the park is fenced off as a Burrowing Owl preserve.  In recent years the number of these charming visitors has dwindled, and this past December, one Burrowing Owl was found dead not far from the area, probably killed by a loose dog.  The wet weather has not helped, either, as it has produced vigorous growth of grass and weeds, which the owls find uninviting.  These birds can fly but prefer to hunt on foot where ground cover is low.  

The newly reopened area offers not only a stylish rustic seating circle for groups of up to about twenty, but also a viewpoint all along the park’s eastern shore looking south, and a vista into the eastern and northern Bay.  It’s a great spot for seeing birds.  A narrow social trail leads north from the seating area along the edge of the rip-rap to an asphalt path, a paved circle, and a short paved perimeter path leading west. These paved paths show numerous cracks where vegetation has penetrated. The purpose of the paved circle escapes me entirely, but there it is.  

If nothing else, removal of the wire fence closing this area eliminates a serious hazard, as the horizontal wires were practically invisible even in daylight, and a bicyclist could well crash into them in twilight and suffer serious injury.  In some past years, the area remained closed to humans during the summer months. In the summer of 2015, the fence was vandalized and breached; see bottom photos below.  

The circular seating area created by the artists; photo April 27 2017.
Fence was left up all summer in 2016. Wires that make up fence are hard to see even in daytime. Photo August 6 2016. Area was opened briefly for mowing two weeks later, then closed again.
North entrance fence vandalized; photo June 27 2015
South entrance fence vandalized. Photo June 27 2015.


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