New Memorial Bench: Monica Selter

The daughter’s new bench, left.  Bench for her mother Carole Norris, right.

The new bench had been up on the hilltop for more than a month, next to the established bench for Carole Norris.  Recently the brass plaque arrived that identified the person memorialized.  She is Monica Leigh Selter, Carole Norris’ daughter.  While Norris is still alive and chairing Berkeley’s Housing Authority, her daughter succumbed last November to pancreatic cancer.

Monica Lee Selter. Berkeleyside photo, courtesy of family.

Berkeleyside on December 4 2017 published her photo and a lengthy obituary.

In brief, Selter was a graduate of Berkeley High School and Grinnell College in Iowa.  She moved to Washington DC after graduation and worked for the Aspen Institute and Amnesty International.  She then obtained a law degree and joined the Alliance for Justice, a legal agency working for justice reform.  In 2006 she moved to New York City where she became staff attorney for a New York State judge.  She was married and had two daughters.  The whole family were active in liberal, radical, and feminist causes.  She died wearing a t-shirt that said “Feminist.”

The plaque on the bench.


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