New Memorial Bench: Lev S. Ruzer

LevSRuzerA new memorial bench has been installed in the northwest corner of the park, on the paved apron facing the sea.  This one bears a plaque with the legend, “In Loving Memor of Lev S. Ruzer.”  The plaque bears a graphic that resembles an atomic nucleus, and another graphic with a section of a piano keyboard.  The keys bear a legend in the Russian alphabet that begins DO RE MI FA SOL and then seem to go LYAH SEE.  Can anyone help decipher this?

Ruzer is the author of several scientific books listed on  A brief autobiography published on the occasion of his participation in a scientific conference says:

At the present time Lev Solomon Ruzer, working as a visiting researcher in the Indoor Environment Department, Environment Energy Technologies Division Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA. I earned all my degrees and titles in the former USSR: Candidate of physico-mathemetical sciences (equivalent to Ph.D.) in Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute (MEPHI) in 1961; Doctor of Technical Sciences in the Institute ofPhysic- Technical and Radio technical Measurements (VNIIFTRI) 1971; The title of Professor in 1977 (VNIIFTRI).I am the author of 3 books, Editor of 1 book and now preparing the second edition of this book (Taylor & Francis).I have teaching experience for 8 years.  I received the gold and silver medals.

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