New Bench Honors John Lennon

Location of new bench
Location of new bench

Park staff members installed a new bench two weeks ago.  Located on a hilltop where model glider airplane hobbyists have gathered weekly for years, the site has a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  A brass plaque dedicates the bench to the memory of John Lennon.  

The plaque credits donation of the bench to Carole Norris.  Actually, the $3,400 standard fee for a bench in the park came from donations by former City Councilmember Darryl Moore ($250) and current member Susan Wengraf ($200) with the remainder coming from former Mayor Tom Bates’ discretionary council office budget.  The motion to dedicate the bench states it is for Carole Norris “in recognition of her work with and on behalf of the Berkeley Housing Authority.”  The City Council’s action dedicating the bench was approved on November 29, 2016, as one of the last acts of the former City Council majority.  

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