New Angle on Owl

“First Owl” — Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) seen from paved perimeter trail around 3:30 pm 12/28/21.

A few days ago the First Owl moved to a new position about 50 yards south of its original spot (See “Owls in Drizzle,” Dec. 22 2021). I believed at the time that this bird still could not be seen from the paved perimeter trail; you had to enter the Open Circle Viewpoint. Tuesday afternoon, ace photographer Louis Kruk found a new angle where you can see the bird without crossing the fence. Above is what you can see from Louis’ spot with a long lens. Below is the context; the bird is just to the left of the big bush. You can see it there with the naked eye, sort of, if you know what to look for, but to really appreciate it you do want binoculars or other zoom optics. A tip of the hat to Louis for this discovery, which will give more people a chance to see this reclusive bird in the feather.

To see more of the bird, it still helps to stand in the Open Circle Viewpoint with optics. Here’s what that looked like Tuesday afternoon:

“First Owl” — Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) seen from Open Circle Viewpoint around 3:30 pm 12/28/21.

Meanwhile the Second Owl held fast to its spot in the central circle of the seasonal Burrowing Owl Sanctuary. As I stood there filming, I met half a dozen people who had walked by this spot repeatedly but had no clue that the bird was present and in easy view. It looked like this:

“Second Owl” — Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) around 3:45 pm 12/28/21.

This might be a good occasion to mention that we’ve received a new shipment of the Park Lover’s Baseball Cap showing a Burrowing Owl logo. It runs $24 including tax. Orders from an address in Berkeley or Albany will usually be hand-delivered the next day. If you catch me in the park (I’m wearing one) I might be able to sell you one from the trunk of my car for an even $20. To order online click this.

On this topic, we’re working on Conservancy T-shirts. Nothing decided yet, just exploring the options. If you have feelings about T-shirts, feel free to post a Comment below. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “New Angle on Owl

  • Thanks, Marty! I’m relieved to know this!

  • Sally: Yes! Second Owl dipped into its hidey-hole from time to time but emerged again and has definitely not left, at least not as of sunset 12/31.
    Wendy: The owl actually spends few moments watching me, but it’s during those moments that I click the shutter. Who wants to see a photo of the back of the owl’s head?

  • In mid-afternoon (2:45?) on 12/29, Second Owl did not appear to be present. It was freezing and windy, so maybe the owl was taking shelter in the burrow? Has it been seen since then?

  • Marty, i swear this owl is watching you as much as you are watching it!
    (btw, do we know what gender pronouns it prefers?)

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