Navy is In

Scaup (Aythya sp.)

“The Navy has arrived,” said a park visitor on seeing the flotilla of Scaup that have landed in the North Basin. They actually arrived three days earlier in a long train north of the park, but didn’t enter the North Basin at that time, and vanished the next two days. But now they, or their successors, are here in force. Three big rafts of them, each easily a hundred birds strong, cruised the North Basin, generally staying apart, but sometimes brushing against one another, yielding birds going in circles and making up their minds which stream to join.

Scaup are regular visitors here, and the numbers seen this morning, while large, are by no means the maximum seen here in recent years. If you cruise this website for Scaup you’ll find considerable coverage of their past visits.

I think these are the Lesser Scaup variety, but I and others are often wrong about Scaup ID, so I’m going to stick with the generic Scaup description and leave it to my birdy betters to render a definite judgment.

Scaup (Aythya sp.)

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