Native Plant Guidelines

Monterey Pines, Purple Sage, and Torrey Pine in Native Plant Area of Cesar Chavez Park

A proposal to prioritize native plants on all City property is coming to Berkeley City Council. Councilmember Terry Taplin, elected by voters in District 2, Southwest Berkeley, drafted the measure, intended for the consent calendar. A copy is below. The ordinance, if adopted, would establish guidelines for future plantings in parks, open spaces, and street parking strips. The City would “use native plant species where appropriate,” in particular, native plant species that attract pollinators. The City would avoid using invasive plants, and it would “control non-native plants and weeds that crowd out native plants.” The guidelines would locate bee-friendly plants away from high traffic areas where bee stings might be an issue. The guidelines would also allow flexibility in choice of street trees depending on local conditions. Taplin notes in his introduction that similar priorities are already City policy based on resolutions adopted in 2008 and 2009. The new proposal is an update and a renewal of the City’s commitment, Taplin says. Details of the new guidelines are set out in Exhibit A of Taplin’s memorandum, below.

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