Moving Big Top

The Berkeley Marine Center decided it needed one of its Big Top brand boat shelters moved to a new location. The item looks to be about 30 feet tall, 20 feet wide, and 50 feet long. It took a crane, two forklifts and a crew of six to do the job A fence, several bushes, and a City gate post had to be sacrificed. The job took all morning and part of the afternoon. Spinnaker Way parking circle was blocked off for the duration. Filming the job was like watching a baseball game. A lot of time waiting and then a few moments of action. The video cuts out the waiting and speeds the action up 4x.

The shelter serves as a garage and workshop for boat building or boat repair. On the Marine Center’s website there is a photo showing work on a boat hull inside one of the Big Top tents. The Marine Center, a next door neighbor of Chavez Park, has been doing boat building and repair since 1978, when the park was still a working garbage dump.

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