Morning Mirror

Several waterbirds at sunrise

In the golden light of the sunrise, a number of waterbirds got busy on a glassy stretch of the North Basin. In a few minutes, I happened to see a Clark’s Grebe, a Common Goldeneye male, a Bufflehead female, an Eared Grebe, an American Coot, and a Scaup female, all passing near my observation point on the Open Circle promontory.

I had gone there to photograph the “First Owl” — the Burrowing Owl that was the first to arrive in the park on November 2.

This viewpoint really ought to be open to the public year round; the fence to protect the Burrowing Owls should be moved just north of the viewpoint. One should not have to cross a fence to access this prime bird observation spot.

The owl I was watching perched 105 yards to the north, visible only with a long zoom lens. (Photo right)

I expect that “Birds Aren’t Real” activists will soon challenge these images and claim that they’re really drones set to spy on us, photographed on a green screen. Check out the “Birds Aren’t Real” conspiracy movement in this New York Times article.

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Clark’s Grebe (Aechmophorus clarkii)

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