More than Halfway There

Park visitors line up to sign petition to Save our Park

The campaign for a thousand signatures on the Petition to Save Our Park is more than halfway there after just a few days. The online version of the petition registered more than 400 signatures by midnight July 23. At the Chavez Park Conservancy kiosk yesterday (Saturday 7/23) we collected 116 signatures. That’s on top of the 40 that Paul D. collected earlier in his neighborhood. We’ll be back in the kiosk from 2 to 6 pm today, Sunday. Chavez Park Conservancy volunteers Susan Black, Daniel Borgstrom, Virginia Browning, Helen Canin, Émilie Keas, Mary Law and Marty Nicolaus staffed the table and/or circulated in the park with petitions and fliers. As in past outings, we met a large number of people who had not heard of the BMASP plan before. But in our impression, the number of people who were aware of it has definitely increased. And as before, people who were aware of it were emphatically opposed to it.

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3 thoughts on “More than Halfway There

  • The kiosk is built for the park and wouldn’t work on a parking lot. But ironing boards make a good petition collecting platform. If you need petition blanks and brochures send me an email at Berkeley Bowl is a good idea.

  • I am a resident of east bay for over 40 years.I have enjoyed walking in Berkeley Marina for years on end and still do.
    It’s one of the best places to spend time at for all age groups.
    It’s away from freeway which can pollute runners and givers lungs with hydrocarbons causing cancer.
    Why on Earth does Berkely want to destroy the most beautiful treasure??
    I strongly oppose the action of BMASP.
    Money cannot buy a beautiful marina.

  • HI Martin
    would it help to have a “kiosk” at the 2 Berkeley Bowls?
    i would be happy to staff it for 2-3 hours in the am???

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