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If you’ve just signed up to chavezpark.org, welcome! This website is devoted to Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley. Its main focus is on nature: birds, plants, mammals, herps, bugs, landscape, and weather. We also cover park events and park issues. No park issue has been greater than the recent BMASP plans to commercialize the park, and we’ve been in the forefront of the movement to save the park from that fate. Now that BMASP has backed off those plans, this website can gradually return to its main focus, celebrating the many beauties, joys, and mysteries of nature in and around the park. But not entirely: there are other park issues on the road ahead. We’re currently on summer schedule, meaning that posts come occasionally. Sometime in the fall, we’ll probably resume a daily schedule, with posts arriving each day at 5 pm, much like the Berkeleyside online newspaper. If you’re new to chavezpark.org, take a look around the top menu: there’s more than 2,200 posts, all with photographs, documenting the flora and fauna, and chronicling the events and issues in the park since the website started in 2014. Dozens of people, including science experts and ace photographers, have contributed here. Feel free to send in your photos (email to info@chavezpark,org) and to post your comments below or via the Contact Form. Welcome to chavezpark.org!

Some birds of summer: Brown Pelicans, Great Egret, Snowy Egret

What a relief to have the BMASP nightmare behind us (at least for now) and to have the freedom to pace the park with camera and tripod, making memories of nature. This Sunday morning the action that I saw was right in the southeast corner of the North Basin, around the mouth of Schoolhouse Creek. A quartet of Brown Pelicans was foraging there, and on the shore a few feet away, a Great Egret (big, yellow bill) was finding little fishies to eat, along with a trio of Snowy Egrets (smaller, black beak). I also saw scores of Double-crested Cormorants in the air but too far away for good photographs.

Some bird observers have noticed songbirds on their fall migration up in the hills and elsewhere, but I haven’t seen any in the park so far. If you see one and catch a photo, please send it in. You’ll always get credit for your photos.

Brown Pelicans, Great Egret

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  • Mave On.org has a petition regarding our marina and is offering a path to challenging the development plans i.e. the pier, the ferry boat?, yachts, dredging, etal. with a long range plan of our own. We need in person access to the Berkeley Council meetings. Let them know. I am relaxing with the thot that we have so far won ; our precious 90 acreas is safe from development and we can go play. Thank you so much from me my dog and my friends and family for making this happen!

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