Monarchy Overthrown

The King Tide predicted for this morning fizzled. At its 11 a.m. peak, the water made barely a puddle on the dirt path alongside Marina Boulevard, see photo above. I thought perhaps the NOAA tide table had failed to adjust for Daylight Savings, and came back at noon expecting higher water, but instead the level had receded. There was practically no wind and the Pacific was unusually quiet, and so the King of Tides fell off his throne. For now …

The high water was good luck for this fisher. Using a neon-green plastic minnow for bait, he bagged this sizeable striper in the North Basin near the east shore.

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One thought on “Monarchy Overthrown

  • I was there about the same time as the King Tide today, and was disappointed, too. But as I walked I noticed a gull “riding” on a flat piece of flotsam, just off the original Burrowing Owl protection zone. When I walked back by about 20 minutes later it was still floating along, occasionally putting its beak in the water. The slightly submerged piece of wood (?) was light colored, flat, maybe 1′ x 2′. It was a treat to see something I’d never seen before.

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