March Bloomers

This is a selective view. I purposely left out the sourgrass (Oxalis pes caprae). If you have any kind of soil around where you live you already know Oxalis. I admit it’s pretty, and I’m prepared to love it in small patches. But it’s a nasty invasive weed that rapidly takes over an area. Sourgrass has no redeeming social merit. Squirrels won’t eat it. No bird eats it. It makes no seeds that feed anything but more oxalis. There’s a good expose of this ruthless botanical bandit by Chelsea Leu in a recent issue of Bay Nature magazine.

I also left out the Goldeneggs (Taraxia ovata) because that’s getting its own little chapter on April 3; watch for it.

The Dutch Iris is a new, or newly discovered, planting on the north side, a hundred feet from the established patch of these plants near the water’s edge. See this item from May 2015. That patch doesn’t look ready to bloom yet.

The fennel is still months from its major bloom, but the new sprouts emerging from the old cane are already making tiny new blooms of their own, as the video shows.

All the Monterey cypress trees in the park — and there are a few — are in bloom now, but most of them aren’t demonstrative about it. The flashy one in the video is growing on the south edge of the Native Plant Area.

There will be more bloomers as we move into April. The vetches are coming, and there’ll be various clovers, and other things. Stay tuned. Better yet, stay out.

Ceanothus (thyrsiflorus?)

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