Loses Feather

Feather of Great Egret (Ardea alba)

This might not be the most dramatic event in a bird’s life or in a nature watcher’s experience. But, while I’ve seen quite a few dropped bird feathers, I’ve never seen the bird that dropped them at the moment it happened, so I thought it worth recording.

The Great Egret here seems to have all its big feathers attached while stalking. But during the short flight across the Schoolhouse Creek channel, really just a hop, one of its flight feathers on the right flank comes loose and hangs by a thread. A few steps later, it drops. There it lies.

I think it’s odd that the bird pays no attention to the feather as it hangs loose from its wing. It doesn’t try to reattach it, nor does it try to shed it. It just ignores it, before and after the drop. Oh well. Another day, another feather.

A Double-crested Cormorant and a Great Blue Heron were also present during this drama. Those two had a scene of their own, to be told shortly.

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  • oh the suspense!

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