Leave the Park Alone!

Letter to Berkeley City Council by Carolyn Lasar, June 20 2022. Thanks to Jeff at savecc6@gmail.com for forwarding it.

Dear Persons:

I have reviewed the current proposals for changes at the Cesar Chavez Park as described in the Berkeley Marina Plan. I am OPPOSED to this plan because it will ruin the quality of the park.

I go to the park at least twice a week and have done so for years.

I go to walk my two dogs and to enjoy the open space on the Bay.  This is one of the few places on the water that is easily accessed and where I can let my dogs run and play off- leash.

It is a critical resource to me and my pets’ mental and physical health.  It was especially important to surviving the pandemic times.

The Cesar Chavez memorial at the top of the park is a source of inspiration, the dependable breezes lift beautiful kites and my heart and keep me cool as climate change heats up our planet.

The park could be improved by adding legitimate bathrooms and by curtailing the growth of foxtail grass.  Otherwise, what is best about the park is its ‘unimproved’ access to nature at the edge of the Bay.

My walk always includes a loop over towards the Golden Gate Racetrack where the path skirts the water and the mound of CC Park offers more protection from the winds.  There is more work going on over here to replant native plants which is wonderful.  The additional fenced in green space for walking (no dogs allowed) is another haven for birds and other wildlife.

I do not see people clamoring for zip lines and events/festival facilities.  This is a peaceful spot of nature on the water.  Do not ruin it!!

Build somewhere else and leave Cesar Chavez Park alone!!!

Carolyn Lasar

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