Leash Cops on Duty

The best news I’ve had out of the park since the return of the Burrowing Owls is the start of dog leash law enforcement. This morning a City of Berkeley Animal Control truck stopped on the path just south of the Burrowing Owl area and I had the opportunity to chat with the Animal Control Officer at the wheel.

I learned that the Animal Care Services agency, its formal name, recognizes that the situation with illegally off-leash dogs at the park has got out of control. Enforcement officers will patrol the park at least daily, sometimes more than once, at random hours. They have been giving warnings but are now also giving $250 tickets.

The agency recognizes, I was told, that there is a problem with missing dog park boundary signs. They are in contact with the responsible people in the Parks department about getting signs replaced. However, they see violations even where signs do exist. There are maps posted in the park that allow a dog owner to figure out clearly enough where they can and cannot have dogs off leash.

Park visitors who see dogs off leash in areas where that is not lawful, or who see dogs chasing wildlife, should telephone Animal Control at (510) 981-6600.

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