Leaping into 2021

Black Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans)

Updated January 2

Our calendar is out of joint with nature. The solar clock turned over already at the Solstice, not ten days later. But never mind. Better late into the new year than never. How many people wanted to linger in 2020? This little bird, the Black Phoebe, above, speaks for me. Let’s leap into the new year. So much to do!

With the new year this website is migrating to a new web host. By the time you read this the migration should be more or less complete. But with any change of location there may well be glitches, and email in particular may show gaps.

Two new features on this website may be of interest to you: maps, and index.

Maps. Two new maps have been added to the menu, above. One, a Basic Park Map, shows principal areas and points of interest in the park, with brief legends and links to larger explanations.

Another, the Northside Area Map, shows neighboring places, notably the Berkeley Meadow (Sylvia McLaughlin Eastshore State Park), that sometimes get mentioned in connection with Cesar Chavez Park.

These maps supplement the highly detailed Park Map posted a couple of years ago, which attempts to spot every bench, sign, picnic area, water fountain, fire hydrant, and other fixture in the park. That quite complex map needs some updating and requires the user to scroll and click a bit, but can be rewarding to those interested in park details.

Index. Almost every post in the site (and there are at current count more than 1,600 of them) belongs to a category and additionally carries at least one “tag” that points to something in its content. Now there is a new Index Page that lists these categories and tags in a graphic format, and allows you to click on your choice and bring up all the posts that contain that item.

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One thought on “Leaping into 2021

  • What a beautiful photo of the Black Phoebe taking off from the post!

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