Standpipe Vandalized Again

Standpipe leaking June 10

This standpipe a/k/a fire hydrant, the first one on the east side of the park, was leaking this afternoon.  It does not normally leak.  The leak is at the valve on the top of the device.  Possibly someone who did not know what they were doing opened the valve and then was unable to close it tight again.  

I’ve notified the Berkeley Fire Department, which periodically tests these units.  They’re designed for use in case of a grass fire late in the season.  There are six such standpipes in the park.  Look them up on this map; select “Fire hydrant” on the listbox.  

Update June 13:  The leak had been repaired, but now the cap over the outlet is missing.  See photo below. It looks very much like a vandal is at work.  Vandalizing a fire hydrant is a stupid, dangerous and criminal thing to do. 

This standpipe is visible from the hotel.  A camera at the hotel is in a position to keep an eye on this fixture and catch the moron who is responsible for the damage.  

Hydrant without a cap, June 13
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