Late Owl

Unidentified owl. Photo David Hauer.

By the dawn’s early light, photographer David Hauer captured this shot of an owl far away on the south side of the park. Given the dim illumination and the great distance, and the bird’s insistence on showing only its back (how rude! :), it’s hard to say what kind of owl it is. The profile matches a Great Horned Owl but also a Long-eared Owl, and neither David nor I are expert enough to nail down the identification. If you, dear reader, can help us out here, please post a Comment below. Thank you.

In any event, this photo brings to three the number of owls identified and photographed in the park: Burrowing, Barn, and now this. In addition, at least two experienced birders have told me that a Short-eared Owl has visited the park, but I’ve not seen photos. Thank you, David, for this photo. The time of the photo was early for humans but late for the bird. These owls are nocturnal and can hunt in complete darkness just by their ears. This bird was probably resting, tired out after a busy night’s work.

About the Great Horned Owl. About the Long-Eared Owl.

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