Last January Sunset

Sunset January 31 2020

When I first started taking photos in Cesar Chavez Park back in 2010, I shot a lot of sunsets. I have well over 100 sunset images on this website; see most of them in this gallery. Only gradually did my camera wake up to the park’s many other attractions. So it was with a sense of deja vu that I pointed my camera at the sunset on the last day of January in this new decade. It so happens that on this day the slow northward march of the sunsets toward the Summer Solstice brings the golden orb down almost exactly in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, seen from the west edge of the park. When this happens on the sun’s southward march around November 15 or 16, there’s usually a small mob of photographers present to capture the shot. This evening I was the only one with a camera; a few cellphones chirped around me. Well, it’ll be almost as good on Feb. 1 — maybe better — if the weather cooperates.

The bridge wasn’t the only feature that the sun sprinkled with fairy dust as it set. A few minutes earlier, up on the western ridge, the Narcissus (aka daffodil, jonquil) that has posed for its portrait previously now appeared as if gilded by the rays and bursting with happiness.

Narcissus poeticus minutes before sunset

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