Kudos to the Pothole Patchers

The City’s Public Works Department sent out a crew of pothole patchers to Spinnaker Way this past Wednesday, and they made a noticeable difference.  Filling the numerous holes and cracks in this high-usage access road to the park didn’t turn it into a garden parkway exactly — that would require scraping, grading, and repaving the whole thing — but it did reduce the incidence of broken shock absorbers, bent rims, and jarred bones on the way to the parking circle.  The job also did nothing to fix the long-standing lack of drainage along this road, but I guess with the dry season now seemingly upon us, the city has decided to kick this can down the road another year.  We should be grateful for small favors.  The pothole patchers worked late into the day, and when they were done you could not only see but also feel the evidence of their work. 

2 thoughts on “Kudos to the Pothole Patchers

  • missed this entry. I’m pleased to see the city taking the growing dangers of Spinnaker Way seriously!

  • They need to come back to Spinnaker Way, as well as to University Ave, west of highway 80. The roads are horribly dangerous and damaging.

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