Kudos to the Engineers

City of Berkeley’s engineers and engineering consultants last August replaced the rusty old flare station in the middle of the park with a more compact new model. See coverage here.   The new combustion tower wasn’t up a week before taggers defaced it, see photo on the left.  Today the tower is repainted and pristine again; photo on the right.  

While they got the new station working last August, the technicians left a messy and potentially dangerous loose end: the 480-volt PG&E meter, circuit breaker panel, and cable that supplied power to the station were left in the open. See left picture below. A casual vandal could have tampered with the power, and a ground squirrel or a loose dog could have chewed the cable with disastrous results. Weeks later, the city threw up a temporary fence around the meter and the cable, but that was a kludgy fix. Now, finally, the meter and breaker panel are gone and the cable is inside the fenced enclosure. Middle and right pictures below.

It only took them a bit longer than a year to get it done. On the time scale of City of Berkeley park improvements, that’s almost lightning speed.
Oh, but when one job is done, another job pops up: now there’s graffiti on the fence, pic below. How long will it be before that’s painted over?

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