Kite Strikes

This White-tailed Kite hovered like a hummingbird over a spot on the west side of the park late this afternoon. A lot of work! But then, the reward. The bird dove headfirst into the greenery below and sank its talons into a small grey rodent, probably a vole (aka “field mouse”). The kite carried its catch to a nearby bush and started his dinner. Actually, it looks like he is plucking the fur off the belly and discarding it, sort of like plucking a chicken. A couple of American Crows spotted the prize and tried to horn in. The kite wasn’t having any and carried his meal off and away.

There is a pair of White-tailed Kites nesting in the park. They may be the offspring of an older pair that roosted or roosts in the nearby Berkeley Meadow. I had the good fortune to photograph the youngsters when they still had their cinnamon baby bibs.

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