Kite Fest 2017

The 2017 Kite Festival got underway Saturday July 29 with perfect weather: full sun, not too hot, and a brisk westerly breeze. Thousands of people streamed to Cesar Chavez Park on foot, by bicycle, shuttle bus, and car to the quickly filled parking spaces.  Festival organizers had seen to everything: valet bike parking, dozens of booths, every kind of food truck, lots of porta-potties, and a kiddie carnival with everything from pony rides to bounce houses and more.  Expert kiters demonstrated precision team flying, anchored big kites climbing very high, a kite candy drop, and other contests and events.  The most fun was had by non-expert kite flyers, particularly kids.  No cell phone or screen game could bring the same thrill to their faces as watching and managing their kites up in the sky.  Kudos to Highline Kites, organizers of this wonderful annual event.

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