Just Making Noise

I was in the Charli Danielsen Grove trying to film elusive sparrows when I heard the sounds of an electric guitar down a bit deeper in the forest. Went and investigated. There in a shady glen sat a guitarist with his head down in the instrument and his hat covering his face. A small battery amp and a bicycle rounded out his equipment. I stayed at a distance, then gradually approached and coughed loud to get his permission to film. He is Mike Winchester, a 15-year resident of Berkeley, and he mostly plays his guitar solo, not in a band. But he’s open to finding someone to play with. His guitar skills looked pretty advanced to me, although I’m not an expert. He played disconnected little riffs that might have come from different tunes. “Just making noise,” he said.

Musician in Danielsen Grove
Mike Winchester

One thought on “Just Making Noise

  • So lovely to hear about lovely tunes in the park.
    We need more along with fewer drones.

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