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Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend crowds, Parks staff members replaced BBQ fixtures at two picnic areas.

The surviving double BBQ fixture at the picnic area in the west-central region (Picnic Area No. 2 on the Map Page) fell over, its supporting columns bent at the base, on May 19. The metal was not rusted out. This was probably a case of vandalism.

Pair of steel columns supporting double BBQ unit bent at the base 5/19/2019

Whatever the cause, Parks staff was quick to replace the unit. Parks mechanic Kevin Kierce and his work partner Dave M. chopped out the old concrete base and installed a brand new double unit on May 23.

Brand new double unit in Picnic Area No. 2

The new unit has a single support post about twice as thick as the dual posts on the old unit. This should be a challenge to vandals. This unit has the two grills back to back, unlike the old unit which had them side by side.

The next day, Kevin and Dave installed a new single BBQ unit in a picnic area on the east side of the park, Area No. 10 on the map page. The picnic tables in this area have been missing since about Labor Day 2018, and currently the rip-rap rehab project brackets this area. New tables are in the back of Kevin’s truck and will be installed when the rock rehab project is done. Until then, it’s a new BBQ unit with no tables next to it.

Update: One of the two missing picnic tables was replaced the day before the Labor Day weekend 2019, just about a year later. The second missing table apparently will not be replaced, period.

Kevin and Dave installing the new BBQ unit in Picnic Area No. 9

The fast replacement of the double BBQ unit in Picnic Area No. 2 is certainly good news for park visitors. However, this area originally had a second double BBQ unit. This fell, probably not vandalized but rusted out, in early April 2015, four years ago.

Second double BBQ unit in Picnic Area No. 2 on April 6, 2015

In the 50 months since this unit fell it has not been replaced, and park visitors have had to make do with two grills instead of four. This picnic area, with six tables, is the second largest in the park.

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