Ice Plant in Bloom

With so many other things blooming in the park, the ice plant is joining in.  The west side near the parking circle has a border of these controversial ornamentals.  A native of South Africa,
Carpobrotus edulis has its fans and its foes.  Among the fans, highway departments and military bases, who value its fast spread and its power to crowd out everything else.  Among the not-fans, gardeners, dune preservationists, environmentalists generally, for the same reasons.  In New Zealand, the plant and its hybrids are classed as unwanted organisms and listed on the Pest Plant register.  Read more about it in Wikipedia.

Here in Cesar Chavez Park, we have a smorgasbord of invasive species.  A plant almost has to be invasive to survive here.  Fortunately, some wild creatures have made their peace and entered into symbiosis with some of the invaders, like the Red-winged Blackbirds (and other birds) with the Fennel.  As for the ice plant, it’s better than thistles.  And for a few weeks its flowers, when open in sunlight, are a joy to the eye.




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