How Many Times?

July 16, 2017

How many times must a park porta-potty break down before Parks management makes the vendor replace it?  This ADA unit on Spinnaker Way opposite the Hilton Hotel once again had its door fall off, as photographed yesterday July 16 (below).  That same porta-potty had the same problem as photographed in late February this year, and months earlier, as photographed on September 14, 2016.  Parks management seems to be cozy with the vendor and reluctant to make them deliver better-constructed units.  The fact that we still have porta-potties at all in this park, instead of permanent bathrooms as required by the Master Plan already in 2003, indicates Parks management’s lack of respect for park users.  But at least Parks management could see to it that the stinky plastic outhouses are properly repaired, replaced, and maintained.   

Same unit, same problem, Feb 21 2017
Same unit, same problem September 14, 2016

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