How Long to Fix a Leak?

On August 6, I noticed a sizeable water leak around the standpipe near the southeast corner of the park. This serves as a hydrant to supply water for fire fighting. It appeared that the supply line to the hydrant had ruptured. By August 8, water continued to run out and there was no sign of efforts at repair, so I sent photos to the City Engineering department, which forwarded my notice to 311. On August 12, repairs were commenced and the leak was stopped, apparently by turning off the water to this fixture. Two months later, the job remains unfinished, with a covered excavation surrounded by barriers. Is this plumbing job going to take ten months like the other one? This is high fire season and this hydrant is inoperable. Hello?

Leak around fire hydrant August 6
October 23, job unfinished, fire hydrant out of commission

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