High Blue

Great Blue Heron in a treetop with Brown Pelican passing overhead

Great nature photography is not just framing and focusing, it’s also timing. Here photographer David Hauer, whose work has appeared in this blog several times, has snapped an unusual sight — a Great Blue Heron in a treetop — with an even more unusual juxtaposition: a Brown Pelican passing overhead. There aren’t two photos like this!

The Great Blue (Ardea herodias) here shows its versatility. We usually see it stalking in shallow water, or we follow it hunting for gophers in the grass. But its toes are good for more than perambulating. It can clasp a branch as well as any sparrow can. So why not perch high up in a tree and have a look around?

More about the Great Blue: Wikipedia Audubon Cornell In Chavez Park

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