Hawk v. Crows

Red-tailed Hawk harassed by a Crow
Red-tailed Hawk

This Red-tailed Hawk sat on a high branch of one of the cedar trees lining Spinnaker Way along the south edge of the park, much to the annoyance of a group of five Crows who considered this tree their domain.  They took turns swooping low over the hawk and buzzing it like warplanes, all while cawing and screeching at the top of their lungs.  If the hawk was annoyed by any of this, it didn’t show signs.  It didn’t snap at the marauders, turn its head, or even blink an eye at their attacks.  After a while, however, it  tired of the game and flew off, pursued by a screeching posse.  Where the hawk went and what happened next I don’t know.  The hawk could have easily snatched one of the crows out of the air and made a meal of it, but they probably don’t taste good. 

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