Harrier Turning

An adult male Northern Harrier has been seen on a regular basis in the park for weeks, and is probably a resident with a nest somewhere in the park. Here is another photo of it. This very nice shot of the bird executing a hard left turn was achieved by Raymond Yang, a UC Berkeley postdoctoral student from Northern China, who visits the park at least three times a week with his wife, Rainbow Cai.

Raymond says:

I came to the US with my family 4 years ago. I have been so busy since I came here that I have not taken photos for a long time. Moving from LA to Berkeley last year has finally given me some time to take my camera out again and the natural ecological system of Chavez Park fascinates me. This is my first time to slow down my pace of life in America and spend some time enjoying the beauty of the creation.

Thanks to photographer John Davis for his positive ID of this bird.

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One thought on “Harrier Turning

  • My fiance and I spotted a pair of river otters in the marina yesterday at sunset. One was on the docks of OCSC and we watched it slide into the water. The trajectory seemed odd when it surfaced swimming right between the point and the yacht club. It went under again and again came up in an odd spot near the rocks. Finally we saw that there were two of them when they both surfaced at the same time. I have a cell video if you are interested,

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